How to make a Cactus Pinata

Cactus pinata

Let’s learn how to make a Cactus Pinata together!  Are you that person who is always looking for a project?  Especially a craft project?  I’m not always,even though I LOVE to craft but definitely up for it, if I can’t find what I want!  I was looking locally for a cactus pinata and could not locate one.  I was in a time crunch and needed it like yesterday or I would have ordered online.  They have some cute ones!  But, hey…I thought it couldn’t be too hard to make one, right?!  So I ran to Hobby Lobby and learned from a very friendly Hobby Lobby employee on how I could whip one up!

You will need these supplies here:

Cactus Pinata

All my items were purchased at Hobby Lobby but I’m sure you can find them just about anywhere!  The only thing you might do a little hunting for would be the fringe tape.  It is not a common item.  But you can use crepe paper, cut fringe into it and then use double sided tape if needed.  Next, you will want to get a card board box and cut it up.  It can be any size you want your pinata to be.  My pinata is about 20 inches tall.  Draw a cactus form on one piece.  I looked at a picture and did mine free hand.

cactus pinata

Then, cut out the cactus with either scissors or an X-Acto knife and use it to trace on the next piece of your cardboard.

Now you will want to cut out strips that you will tape the two cactus pieces together to make it 3 dimensional.

Tape the strips around one cactus piece first with packing tape. It is starting to take shape!

cactus pinataIsn’t that awesome and it’s so easy!  Tape the second cactus piece to the strips of the first piece.  Now you want to fill it with candy if you are going to use it as a pinata and close it up on the bottom with another strip of cardboard! I am using mine as a centerpiece for a poolside party so I will leave it open.  But, I have the option to use it later to fill with candy if needed!

How to make a cactus pinata

I use the green tissue paper to cover the pinata as a base to help hide the cardboard.

How to make a cactus pinata

Last, I wrapped the cactus with crepe paper and then added my strips of fringe tape spaced apart about an inch or so.  That is the crepe paper you see in between.  It adds depth and different shades of green! the finishing touch is of course the flowers!  I just picked up artificial ones at the floral department at Hobby Lobby and took the head off the stem and poked them into the cardboard!  I didn’t even have to hot glue.  Yay!  I am pleased as punch at how it turned out.  It took about an hour and with minimal cost!  I love a good craft project!

Cactus pinata

Here she is in all her glory standing tall on my bar cart poolside.  Love how it turned out!  You can read about my Summertime Splash pool party here.

Cactus PinataThank you for crafting with me!  If you make one I would love to hear!  Leave me a comment below and tag me on social media with #sunshinetulipdesign











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