How to host a Backyard Pooh Party

How to Host a Pooh Party

Summer is here!  Looking for fun & educational ideas to do with the kids this summer?  Let’s talk about how to host a backyard Pooh Party!  My friend Laura is a fellow teacher and asked me to participate in her “Soak Up Summer Reading” Series!  I was thrilled!  You can catch up on more of her fantastic summer reading activities here on her website.  Let’s get ready for a little backyard Pooh Party, shall we?

How to Host a Backyard Pooh PartyPooh PartyMy kids are are grown now and reading in the summer with little people is not something I do on a daily basis anymore.  When they were little…yesss!  We picked a storybook every night before bed. During the summers, we went to the library and participated in their reading programs!  Reading is such a fun activity to do for pass time and in learning new things.  I love to teach from books and incorporate them into my art class as lessons. We read the stories, talk about the illustrations, the elements of art used and then depending on the story plot, create something either in the book or inspired by the book.

This collaboration inspired me to use some of my kid’s books from when they were young children. Yes, I have kept a lot of their books…I hope to pull them out when I have grandchildren someday and share with them! It will be fun to talk about with my grandchildren that this was their dad or mom’s books when they were little!

How to Host a Pooh PartyWe loved Winnie the Pooh in our home.  We loved him so much that along with my older two children’s input, we decided to make Winnie the Pooh the theme for our last child’s nursery. This was fun to go down memory lane. I actually painted a mural in my son Landen’s nursery with Winnie and friends. The stuffed animals and books you see in the photos were items I have kept from his younger days.  I chose the book Once Upon a Time with Winnie the Pooh by Kathleen W. Zoehfeld. It is “A Disney Treasury of Favorite Nursery Tales and Rhymes”. You can find it here.  There was a story in this book called “Rabbit Decides to Make a Cake”.  It is such a cute story about Rabbit wanting to bake a cake on a spring day.  He asked all the friends one by one if they wanted to help and each of them said “no” they were too busy.  As the cake was baking all the friends could smell the cake and showed up on his doorstep. Rabbit’s friends said they would be happy to “help” him eat it. Even though Rabbit was frustrated that he had asked for help and they declined, he shared the cake anyway.

How to Host a Pooh PartyIt would be fun to have a Pooh theme “week” during one week of the summer.  Read a Winnie the Pooh book each day and then at the end of the week celebrate with a Pooh Party in the backyard.  Activities could be done a few days during the week after reading and then use the items created at the party.  The first activity that can be done is to paint terra cotta pots into honey pots or into beehive pots since Pooh always has a HUNNY Pot!  Here is what you need:

How to Host a Pooh PartyA quick trip to Walmart to buy baby terra cotta pots (.38 ea) and one small size (.79 ea) for a “HUNNY” pot centerpiece!  You can also pick up small bottles of craft paint (.50 ea) and brushes in the craft section of Walmart as well.

How to Host a Pooh PartyHow to host a Pooh PartyThese little cuties were inspired by pots in the story.  They were perfect to hold mini cupcakes at the party!  Speaking of cupcakes, since the story was about Rabbit baking a cake, it would be fun to make cupcakes as one of your summer activities and decorate them to add that personal touch to your party!

How to host a Pooh PartyHow to Host a Pooh PartyHow to Host a Pooh PartyThe small 6″ terra cotta pot turned out really cute for the centerpiece don’t you think?  I purchased a drip plate that normally goes under the flower pot to catch the overflow of water and used it as the lid to the “HUNNY” Pot.  In addition to the cupcakes to eat at the party, there should definitely be honey finger sandwiches!  So simple and yummy.  Two pieces of white bread, butter spread on each piece, with dripping honey takes me back to childhood days.  There were many times I had this for a summertime snack with an ice cold glass of milk!

How to Host a Pooh PartyHow to Host a Pooh PartyHow to Host a Pooh PartyThe last activity you can do to get ready for your Winnie the Pooh Backyard party is to make decorations!  Download this free “You’re My Hunny” banner here to add a cute backdrop to the fence or hang on the table. You can shop the cupcake toppers here and have on hand for future use and print as many times as needed for personal use!

How to Host a Pooh PartyHow to Host a Pooh PartyGo on a walk to a park or in your neighborhood and pick wildflowers and put in a vase you have on hand for the party!  Our backyard just happens to back up to a creek and there were the sweetest wild sunflowers growing. I remembered my daughter gave me the cutest little vase of flowers one time that looked like a bee hive.  PERFECT! Wouldn’t you say? These stuffed animals brought back a flourish of memories.  You squoosh their bellies and they sing and talk.  Love that….I could hear Landen’s, Drew’s and Jordan’s laughter as they use to play with them. I’m a little sentimental and maybe a pack rat too. : )

How to Host a Pooh PartyI even used a gingham baby blanket that both my boys used as babies for a little table cloth thrown over a small patio table we own and then used a couple of step stools we had that would be just perfect for children to sit at.

How to Host a Pooh PartyDefinitely pulling out the time capsule here…our youngest turned eighteen in May.  Here is Landen in his one year old portrait with his Pooh and friends who just happened to show up to the party 17 years later!

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How to Host a Pooh PartyVendors:

Photography/Styling + Printables: Sunshinetulipdesign

Terra Cotta Pots & Craft Paint: Walmart

Milk Bottles: Old Time Pottery

This was such a fun & memorable event for me to participate in!  One of my favorite things to do is to reuse, re-purpose and become creative with things you have on hand.  I hope you are inspired in how to host a backyard Pooh Party with Winnie the Pooh books you already own or from the library while using a few things you have on hand to make a week of reading become festive!  I would love to know if you throw your own Pooh Party and incorporate Sunshinetulipdesign printables into your backyard celebration or even a birthday for a little one.  Leave me a comment below if you do or if you are just stopping in!







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