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May is such a busy time in the Wood home!  It is the beginning of a busy birthday season for us.  Everyone in our family has a birthday in May and June and it is our anniversary as well.  Don’t forget to throw in that school is wrapping up too.  Yes, busy, busy!  We kick off our spring birthday season with my husband’s birthday on May 15th.  This year he reached a milestone birthday!  The big 50!  I was inspired to design this party theme for him for his 50th Birthday…the Fast Cars & Cigars Party!

50th Birthday Fast Cars & Cigars Party

I thought Fast Cars & Cigars would be a great theme because he really wants to own a corvette someday and he loves to smoke a cigar by the pool in the summers.  So perfect for him and such a cute catchy theme name! I started brainstorming ideas with my oldest son first because he has a love for model cars.  He had a few I could use on the party table.  My youngest son has a white desk he uses in his room.  It became my party table along with my trusty black screen as a back drop. While I collected all the items for the party and knew what I wanted to use on the party table, my daughter is really the star stylist here!  She put the whole thing together for me and really for her dad.  She has an eye for it!  I was thrilled to work with her!  Mom & Dot time at it’s finest!

We have a Cigar shop nearby that my husband frequents so I stopped in to see if they sold their empty cigar boxes.  I wanted to use them as props and sure enough they did!  1.00 a box!  What a steal…so I picked up 10 to go along with 3 my husband already had collected at local flea markets.  He loves boxes of any kind to keep his trinkets in.  I thought these were lovely!  There were several to choose from but I stayed in a color palette of black and white as best I could.  I love how my daughter stacked them for height!  This snack was so yummy!  Chocolate donuts mounted on a chocolate chip walnut cookie base (his favorite) with a finish flag was the cutest!  We couldn’t wait to name them “spare tires” on the printable food tent cards to bring a little chuckle!  You can shop the printable food tent cards here.

50th birthday Fast Cars & Cigars Party

…and how about some mint “chocolate wheels” I mean ice cream sandwiches?  Another favorite of the birthday boy!

There must always be some salty with sweet right?  Candy was added into the popcorn from our high school days…Boston Baked Beans!  It also brought in some red to coordinate to the theme.  My daughter and I had such fun making up these names to coordinate with the theme!

50th Birthday Fast Cars & Cigars Party

Then, last but not least on the snacks was Fiddle Faddle!  Anyone remember this treat?  We always had it at my house.  I don’t buy it really now so my kids were eating it like crazy!  So fun!  I purchased these little cone shaped treat sacks at Party City.  They came with the holder for under 5.00.  I have several sacks left over too for another party.

50th Birthday Fast Cars & Cigars Party

The feature of the party table was of course the German Chocolate cake.  This was the dessert that my husband had his mom make for him just about every birthday.  It is his favorite.  I left the handy baking and decorating to our local Reasor’s Grocery Store.  They did a fine job baking this double layer smooth edged cake with chocolate curls.  It was simple and classy to adorn his “50” on and hang the printable mini garland cake banner to showcase his theme! The glittered “50” topper was purchased at Hobby Lobby along with the cute striped wooden topper sticks.  They actually had another glittered circle banner that came with them but I removed them to use at another time and then put my printable banner on instead.   You can shop the printable mini cake garland here.

50th Birthday Fast Cars & Cigars Party

Of course you must wet your whistle while filling up on all these yummy treats.  Water bottles fancied up with labels were in order.  You can shop these printable checkered cuties here.

50th birthday Fast Cars & Cigars Party

While my oldest son and I were shopping at Reasor’s picking up the cake, we couldn’t pass up Frostie Cherry Limeade Soda (another favorite of the birthday boy).  I mean look at the red color too!  Add some aqua blue paper straws and they are perfect for the party table!  So tasty too!

Some touches added in the decor were these cute tin signs from Hobby Lobby in the car section.  I could not resist the one behind the cake that says “Old Guys Rule” It had the checkered finish flag and the red racing flag. The Corvette Blvd sign was a must.  My husband will add it in his den and maybe some day soon into the garage where he will park his corvette. : )

50th Birthday Fast Cars & Cigars

My daughter hung the printable Fast Cars 50th Birthday Banner underneath the Corvette Blvd tin sign.  It looked fantastic in that spot!  You can shop your printable banner here.  All the red balloons and paper lanterns were purchased at the Dollar Tree.  A favorite place of mine to frequent.  They have the best practical items in stock at all times in lots of the common colors for a dollar each.  The paper lanterns were actually two in a package for a dollar!  Wow!

In this photo below you see the “Happy Birthday” glitter sign very well.  This was also purchased at Hobby Lobby but it was gold glitter…with a little silver spray paint it resembles the chrome needed for the party theme!  The wooden box under the table is also another one of my husband’s collector items.  His mom got it for him one Christmas.  It has a deer on the front but just turn that guy around and instant prop!  The yellow cigar boxes were from his collection as well.  Always look and see what you have first that can be used.  Saves time and money!  I really enjoyed this party and loved giving it to my husband as a gift.  My daughter really did a fabulous job styling!  There are actually more items in this 50th birthday “Fast Cars” collection not featured here on the blog so you will want to go and check out the whole collection here!  All items in my Etsy store can be purchased separately or when purchasing the collection there is a savings!  I would love to see how you use this party.  Please leave me a comment below if you purchase the collection and use it!  I would love to see it or if you just want to say “hi” and chat about my husband’s party!  I love hearing from you!

xoxo, Christina

50th Birthday Fast Cars & Cigars Party


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