My Heart is Bubbling with Happiness for You Friend

Bubbles Valentines

My Heart is bubbling with happiness friend that you are here!  Don’t you love Valentine tags or gift tags that have catchy sayings!  It is one of my favorite things and brings a smile.  I guess I am kind of cheesy that way.  You can purchase the “My Heart is Bubbling with Happiness” tags here.  These tags are so easy to print off from your printer, cut out and adhere or tie them onto a bottle of bubbles or even some hand soap.  How cute is that?  I purchased a set of extra tiny bubble bottles shown in the photos below from Party City in the party favor section.  I thought they were cute because they were so little for tiny hands.  Not to mention that because they are much smaller, they are easier to carry in a bag if your child has a class size of 25 or so.  Next, I added some tiny pom poms to represent as bubble filling in the cellophane bag.  I already had these pom poms in my craft collection but you can purchase these at any craft store and get them in any size!  My go to store is Hobby Lobby and they have a great selection in colors and sizes.  I would love to see how you use the “My Heart is Bubbling with Happiness” tags my friend!  Leave me a comment.  Happy Heart Day!



My Heart is Bubbling with Happiness

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